• Amazing Tourism Park Mekarsari

    Amazing Tourism Park(Taman Wisata) Mekarsari or Fruit Park(Taman Buah) Mekarsari located at the alternative road Cileungsi- Jonggol at Kilometer 3, this is an alternative road from Cibubur to Bandung, so if you drive from Jakarta to Bogor via Jakarta Bogor Toll Road(JAGORAWI) you have to exit at Cibubur Gate.

    Amazing Tourism Park Mekarsasi occupied a plot of land in the area of 264 hectares having more than 100,000 plants which consist of 78 families, 400 species, 1438 varieties and 37,000 trees.

    Taman Wisata Mekarsari,Bogor
    Photo: Mekarsari Entrance Gate

    The aim of of Mekarsari are for agriculture tourism, nursery, research, breeding, training and as well as recreation.

    In Amazing Tourism Park Mekarsari you will find some recreation facilities in the area of Garden Center, Country Side, Family Garden, Three D Theater Dewi Sri, Viewing Tower, Kids Fun Valley and Wiratama Lake. You could enjoyed Canoe Riding, Aqua Bike, Floating doughnut and Giant Bubble.

    Amazing Tourism Park Mekarsari planted coconut, oil palm, nutmeg, bamboo, banyan trees, jack fruits, papaya, soursop, ipil-ipil, melon, snake fruit, star fruits, guava and many more, in a certain time tourists could harvest fruits.

    Taman Wisata Mekarsari,Bogor
    Photo:Scene of fruit plantation

    You could enjoyed tracing a paddy farmer legend and enjoying rice field nuance and harvesting fruits like a farmer although you don’t have a farmland.

    For more information regarding Amazing Tourism Park Mekarsari you could visit this website.

    Remember before your reach Exit Gate Cibubur from Jakarta you will see Beautiful Indonesia In Miniature Park(Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) at the left side, then some other exit gates.

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