Canal Cruise in Amsterdam the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands, located in the province of North Holland. The city has a population approximately 747.000 based on 1 January 2008 registration.

Amsterdam lay on the river Amstel, terminates in the city center into a large number of canals. Amsterdam is situated 2 meters above the sea level. The surrounding land is flat and it is formed a large folders.

Amsterdam enjoyed a temperate climates, winter temperature are mild, seldom below zero degrees, while summers are warm and rarely hot.

The main transportation in the city is by bicycle because the Amsterdam is the most bicycle friendly city, some people use boat as their transportation mode because some canals crossing the city so the people could move from one place to another by boat, some people living in a house boat berthed along the canal.

The Netherlands is famous with Tulip Flowers, and this Tulip Flower become an icon of the Netherland, also you will find a lot of windmills as the energy resources, that way the Netherlands is also called Windmills country.

Below is a video taken at the Canal cruise when the author visited Amsterdam.