Do you like to have lunch at Sundanese restaurant?

Indonesia is a land of extraordinary beautiful, the world’s largest archipelago, stretched from Asia continent to Australia continent, most of the land lying on the ring of fire.

Indonesia is a land of diversification with a lot of ethnic living in Indonesia, Indonesian people are unity in one language Bahasa Indonesia.

Most of Sundanese ethnic are living in Province of West Java and Province of Banten, both Provinces are located on the western side of Island of Java.



We visited Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesian Open Range Zoo), then we continued our journey to Puncak Pass (The Peak) where the weather was a little bit cooler than Jakarta, it was nice afternoon.

We decided having lunch at Dulang Sundanese Restaurant, we choosed this restaurant because the services here are good and the facilities are clean, they have a lot of parking spaces and also we could have a 30% discount if we pay with Bank Mandiri Credit Card.

On top of the entrance door you could read the sentences Wilujeung Sumping in Sundanese ethnic language, it means Selamat Datang in Bahasa Indonesia or Welcome in English.


The restaurant keep this creek undisturbed, so the fresh and cool water keep flowing and you will hear the good sound of nature, like a song for night sleep and you will feel peace in your live, we have to preserved it let’s go green.


The menu we have chosen are grill gurame fish with chili sauce, fried gurame and raw vegetables with sambal terasi or chili sauce, and of course steam rice. Gurame is a kind of fish live in fresh water, this is good for the people who allergic with seafood, and the raw vegetable is healthy food, the nutrition is still there.


The menu on Sundanese diet is Karedok, it means raw vegetables with peanut sauce and crackers. Sundanese food are healthy diet, no much cholesterol in it, so it is good to stay healthy.


We ordered some extra menus outside the above menus, we have fried beancurd, fried tempe (a kind of fermented soya been), we drink soya milk, coconut milk, all of them will make you strong like a lion-I just remember the vintage song. All of those food cost us approximately US$ 15.00, so come to Indonesia and enjoy your stay.