Padang lovely city in the west coast of Sumatra Indonesia

Padang is a beautiful city as a capital city of West Sumatra Province, located at the west coast of Sumatra facing directly to Indonesian Ocean (Hindia Ocean), the ocean view is magnificent especially during the sunset.

Padang has a hot climate, the temperature a bit high about 32 degrees C during the day and a bit cool in the early morning because of a cool wind from the ocean.

Padang is easy to reach, you could fly from Singapore for one hour only, or you could fly from Jakarta the National Capital of Indonesia for 1 hour and 45 minutes, the International Airport of Padang is Minangkabau International Airport or Bandara International Minangkabau (B.I.M).

The distance from BIM to downtown approximately 25 kilometers, or you could go to Padang Panjang or Bukittinggi with the distance approximately 60 kilometres.
Traditional roof
Road along the shorw
Protection wall
Magnificent view