Volendam the fisherman village in North Holland the Netherlands

Volendam the fisherman village is really nice, the view is beautiful, when you look into the sea you will see a lot of white sails just like you see the cotton in the swimming pool. Actually Volendam is a small town in North Holland in the Netherlands, in the municipality of Edam-Volendam.

Volendam is a good recreation place and is popular tourist attraction fishing boat, where you could go sailing, swimming, surfing or discover the beautiful view surrounding, and also popular with the traditional clothing still worn by some residents. FC Volendam is a football club based in Volendam.

Volendam has a nice smell different with the other fisherman village where you smell fish aroma, in Volendam you will see a lot of nice houses, shops and nice hotels, and there are some cafes sell seafood products really yummy.

In Volendam the peoples won’t missed to have photo with folklore customes, just for memorable to take back to their own countries as a mark that I just have been in Volendam the Netherland.

Tourist also like old fisherman’s interior and the sigar band house could be found in Volendam Museum, you can take a boat or ferry to Marken to visit Marken Museum.

If you want to stay at Volendam you could stay at the beautiful Hotel Marinapark Volendam, they provide delicious foods and charge reasonable price for rooms, or will you buy a house at Volendan Real Estate?

Below is the video we took at Volendam, this video become popular because some companies use it for their advertisement, have you seen it?