Do you like to eat fish and chips at D’Lish Fish Port Melbourne?

Port Melbourne is famous with it yummy — yummy fish and chips, what is the name of the fish and chips cafe? of course the famous one is D’Lish Fish just near the terminal of Bass Strait Ferry, The Spirit of Tasmania.

Melbourne the capital city of the Garden State Victoria located at the southern part of Australia with the extreme climate, because the climate could be change in a sudden so you always have to carry umbrella or raincoat even during the summer.

Photo:Background Ferry of The Spirit of Tasmania berthed

We like to eat D’Lish Fish managed by Rex Hun’t during lunch to enjoy the sea breeze and fresh air, while we saw the sail ships sailed around the bay, this scenery was so beautiful.

We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at Port Melbourne and have so many choices of D’Lish Fish from baramundi, shark, snapper, calamari plus chips or backed potatoes, drink juices or softdrink.
Photo:Our families have lunch at D’Lish Fish

We enjoy to gather at D’Lish Fish at Port Melbourne to talk about daily issues and family business, usually when we finish eating we continue spend our time to drink coffee or hot chocolate, as you know that Australia is a chocolate heaven, the quality of chocolate here is excellent.

The residential area around Port Melbourne is really beautiful, the scenery is magnificent especially during the night time, you will see the light flash out of the boat sailed at the beautiful bay. I would rather to sit at Port Melbourne until midnight just to enjoy the night breeze to relieve stress.

I wish I could buy a house at around Port Melbourne and spend my time during retirement, I don’t have to work other than BLOGGING.
Photo:Beacon Cove in Port Melbourne