Have you ever eat Soto Kudus?

Gerobak Soto

Photo:Typical Soto Kudus cart

The City of Kudus is a capital of Kudus Regency, where Soto of Kudus originated. The city of Kudus located in Central Java Province, in the State of Indonesia.

You could find Soto Kudus anywhere in Indonesia with it special Soto Kudus cart as shown on the photo above, Soto Kudus contents are meat, potato, sprout, white noddles, eggs, yummy..yummy.

The City of Kudus is famous early center of Islam spreading in Indonesia, you could find a mosque with a special minaret in Kudus as build by early Islamic spreaders.

The Regency of Kudus has an area about 425 sq meters, bordered with Pati at east 25 km, Demak at west 25 km, Jepara at north 19 km and Grobogan at south.

The main production from Kudus are sugar cane and cacao, in Kudus located a big cigarette factory and badminton sport training center sponsored by PT.Djarum Kudus.

How to go to Kudus?
The nearest city is Semarang the capital of West Java Province, the airport of Semarang is General Ahmad Yani Airport. The distance from Semarang to Kudus is about 51 km, while the other City is Solo or Surakarta about 98 km. If you come from Jogyakarta the center of Kingdom of Java, you could go to Solo with a distance about 60 km.

Accommodation is available in Kudus, or you may choose the hotel accommodation in Semarang because the distance is not too far.

Soto Kudus

Photo:One portion of Soto Kudus and steam rice in Jakarta it cost US$1.00 only.