Could Monkey Generate Income?


Could monkey generate income? the answer is yes, monkey could generate income for the people especially the village people, because monkey could help the people to harvest coconut. Monkey is a smart animal and could learn how to do something very quick as far as you gave them a proper training, good food and treat them well.

On my travel to the village in Java Indonesia, I saw this monkey’s entertainment not monkey’s business, the monkey usually wear a mask but unfortunately I missed that snapshot, that way this performance is called “Topeng Monyet” or Monkey with Mask. I hope next time I could include that photo in this post.


You could ask monkey to do something like people use to do in the village, monkey could carry a basket, could carry a pail, could carry fishs, he could ride mini motorcycle or acting like the labor with the wagon.

The man who owned or the instructor of the monkey will ride bicycle around the village or housing complex, he will beat the drum to attract the kid attention.

You may called the monkey to do performance in your housing yard, it will cost you only US$1.00 for one session about 20 minutes duration.

The man who owned the monkey or the instructor will beat a drum and sing his instruction to the monkey, and monkey will performed monkey’s entertainment.

You could ask well trained monkey to climb the coconut trees, he could choose to harvest the mature coconuts. Mature coconuts could be extracted to get the coconut milk for foods ingredients or to make coconut oil from it.



Other product of mature coconut is Virgin Coconut Oil [VCO], the process to extract it from coconut milk using cold process, not by heat process as to make coconut oil.
The compositions are:

-Lauric Acid 52.18%


-Palmic Acid 6.29%


-Capric Acid 11.25%


-Caporic Acid 12.46%


-Cholesterol 0.00%

According to our doctor, the VCO product is good to help the people with cardiac problem, just drink it 15ml, 3 times daily. The people in the village use to use coconut oil for medication and cosmetic purposes. And he also recommended to visit a website to see some top life protection plans that may help in the future.