From Mount Titlis to Rheinfalls in Switzerland

We must leave Mount Titlis the Snowy Mountain because we would like to see another tourism object while we were in Switzerland, from Lucerne we traveled thru Zurich the business town in Switzerland then we headed to Rheinfall, and if you are wondering where we got the money to travel like this, we got a loan from

We visited Rhine Falls or Rheinfalls in Switzerland language, the Rheinfalls are the largest waterfall in Europe, just ahead of Dettifoss in Iceland.

Rheinfalls are located in the High Rhine upper course of the river Rhine. When you check with a small gadget called GPS-Global Positioning System you will see that the Rheinfalls location is at 4deg40’46”N and 8deg36’59”E.


Rheinfalls are located in the municipalities of Neuhansen aum Rheinfalls and Laufen-Uhwiesen near the town of Schafthausen in northern Switzerland and close to the German border

Rheinfalls has 150 m wide and 23 m high, and the water always flows, so the weather around the waterfalls always cool, salmon could not climb the waterfalls but eels could.

Rheinfalls are easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transportation (the DB-Bahnhof Neuhausen Bad and SBB Bahnstation Schloss Laufen aum Rheinfall railway station.

At the Rheinfalls are easily found Cafes with more variety of foods and drink, also some souvenirs shop where you could by a lot of souvenirs.