Should we do exercise on traveling?


Yes, it a must to do exercise before traveling, on traveling or when we arrive at the final destination, whether you travel by car, by train, by ship or by plane.

Exercise is an important thing to do, we must stretched our muscle to let our blood flow smoothly to all of our body, like in the picture my cute 2 years old grandson doing exercise before we traveling.

We usually do exercise before we traveling, if we traveling by car then every two hours we have to stopped at the rest area, have a rest for a while do an exercise to release the tension, and don’t forget to drink water.

When you traveling by plane especially long haul flight, say you travel from America to Asia, the journey will take more than 10 hours, you must have an exercise at the alley, you could walk around while stretching your muscle, and make your blood flow smoothly, have you ever heard an economics class flight syndrome?

When you are sitting on your seated for a longtime, your leg muscle stay static, your blood will drop to your leg, it could caused blood clogging in your venous (venous thromboembolism/VTE) in your lung. This clogging will prevent blood circulation to your entire body especially your brains, it could caused blood vessel burst in some parts of your body, it is deadly if clogging happened at your brain.